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Passing of a Loved One

June 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have been reluctant to share this post due to the very personal nature of it, but I think it shows a very important part of life that we rarely discuss and even more rarely memorialize in photographs. Death and the effects on our family. My grandfather passed away about a year ago. The family gathered around to support each other and celebrate the life that he lived. It was a bittersweet time as he led a great life, but we all feel the significant loss.

Dark portrait and background while grandmother lit by the sun holds it together.Grandmother after FuneralA dark portrait in tone dealing with the grief of death of a loved one.

I took this portrait of my grandmother after the funeral reception. It was a very sensitive time for all of us but her especially, having lost a husband of decades. The portrait was created with a dark atmosphere to show the darker emotions of sadness and loss. From that darkness the sunlight highlights her face as his memory will continue with her. Her hands are held together in a structured manner as she was "holding it" together and being strong for all of us. Her smile puts a nice face on the image but from her eyes one can see that something is missing, that the light is dimmer following such a significant loss.

This is a difficult time and many of us want to avoid such difficult and stressful situations. Death however will come for us all. Let us memorialize such feeling through our art. Express ourselves rather than dismissing such feelings. I hope to continue to use my art to deal with my emotions and help others begin down this road as well.


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