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Strange Google Searches

March 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This post isn't about photography per se. It is about my photography website and people's strange Google searches. I signed up for Google Analytics and added my webpage to the service. Google crawled my pages and sitemap to record my content as data points. About a month goes by and I decide to check the results.

The highest ranked search for my site is "zenfolio boudoir". This makes sense as Zenfolio is my web host and I do post boudoir photos. Then "headshots" which again makes sense. Then things get weird. "Leave a comment" is listed as content. I'm sorry Google but "leave a comment" is expected on a blog page. Then there was "Caitlin Litzinger nude" followed by "Vanessa Borquez". While I have worked with these talented professionals I have not shot them nude nor eluded to any such thing. Where is this coming from Google? Are people actually searching for these terms and getting my site? 


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