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Self doubt

March 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Self doubt plagues me. I assume all artists battle this at times. Is my art worth the effort? Is my art worth being shown? If no one buys it, is it worthless? 

I tell myself that I create art to express myself, but I'm not very convincing.

My anxiety is as high as my chances of failure.

Depression is always lurking around the next setback or disappointment.

All I can do is use this negative energy. Use it for motivation even though it threatens to paralyze me. Encapsulate the emotions by isolating them in a photograph. The best way for me to express these feelings as words often fail.

Black and white photo of my self-tormentSelf-TormentI pull at myself as myself tears me apart. Depressed girl stands alone in the dark.Depression is my moodDepressed girl stands alone in the dark.
Self-torment Depression



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